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eJobsTracker is a Windows program that automates the process of finding relevant jobs – helping to make the freelancer’s life a little bit easier.

eJobsTracker works silently in background, constantly tracking selected marketplaces for new jobs and informing you when relevant jobs appear.

You can view new jobs at any time, and every job description contains a link to the source freelance site, taking you directly to the job page to place your bid.

One of the biggest concerns for freelancers is always sourcing new jobs.

Job hunting usually involves browsing around the web and spending countless hours wading through hundreds of jobs,

many of which might be unsuitable for the freelancer.

The program collects the latest public jobs from the biggest freelance marketplaces:

eJobsTracker can save you hours of time that you’d normally spend searching through job sites, allowing you to concentrate on your core revenue-generating activities.

The trial version of eJobsTracker is FREE, and offers the same functionality as the licensed version.

The full licensed mode allows unlimited automated job searches, matched to your unique preferences.

Trial version has a limit on amount of automatically traced sources.

Installer is the same for Trial and Licensed mode.

User Guide included.

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100% clean guarantee

  Softpedia Editor's Review written by Marina Dan : 

"To summarize, eJobsTracker is a useful and easy to understand application which can assist you as a freelancer, to look for new job opportunities on the web and keep informed about any new offer."

Try eJobsTracker for free today and learn how it can save you valuable time.

NOTE: You can purchase the utility license from within eJobsTracker ($10).